[ZWeb] Where could I get PDF - commands?

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 19:25:05 +0100

Dieck Stefan wrote:
> Hallo, I have a little problem with a html 2 pdf renderer. It only includes
> Text but no pics or tables. I'm not a guru of zope, but I'm prepared to
> solve this kind of problem!
> My only fault is, I have no commands for PDF like BOLD, H1, .. and so on.
> Could anybody post a link, where i will find these spacial informations.
> Thanks Stefan

Hi Stefan,

please ask your question on the official mailinglists for ZopeUsers:

International Community:

zope@zope.org (http://www.zope.org/Resources/MailingLists)

German Community:

zope@dzug.org (http://www.dzug.org/Mailliste/)

This list is for discussing the zope.org-website-features...;)

cheers, Maik