[ZWeb] light blue touch paper and stand back (was Re: Re: NZO, was Re: Zope 3 branding)

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 11:24:39 -0700

A problem that I think the entire Zope community has is that we're all 
trying to do too much, with paying work, mailing lists, open source 
development/contributions/debates.  Wiki maintenance seems to come last 
in the priority order (at least - this seems to be the Zope.org pattern 
- the Zope 3 and old Page Template wikis seem to be the exception).  
This is why I want to encourage more explicit linking - I want people 
to make less small pages and to focus more on single documents that are 
easier to maintain.  (And I want CamelCase to die - 'McDonough' 
shouldn't be a Wiki link, and I shouldn't have to go in there and 
escape it every time I mention something about Chris just so that damn 
question mark will go away).

Zope.org is opened up, kept up, and the workers are facilitated.  
People can contribute how-tos, tips, documents, whatever they want.  
Personally, I think that with backtalk enabled or the ability to 
comment on any document, we'll have what is really needed for community 
input.  I still get more help out of how-tos on Zope.org than I get out 
of the Wikis.

I don't think I'm trying to do too much - I just might have too high of 
expectations.  The Wiki utopia that you describe and the encounters 
that I usually have seem to be really different.  I want to find out 
why this is and address it.

On Friday, January 31, 2003, at 09:29  AM, Simon Michael wrote:

> Jeffrey P Shell <jeffrey@cuemedia.com> writes:
>> *sigh*.  That's not a surprise.  :\.  It seems a growing 
>> responsibility
>> as webmaster is to nag people to keep their wiki pages up to date.  At
> Yes. What about something like http://zwiki.org/PageMaintainers ? Let 
> the
> people nag each other.
> I have a lot of sympathy for the concerns I hear from you, but is it
> possible you are trying to do too much ? I don't know what task you've
> been handed but it seems to me the practical way for ZC to revitalize
> zope.org is to open it up, keep it up, and facilitate the workers.
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