[ZWeb] Link to Zope-RPM's for RedHat & SuSe

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:03:25 +0200




there is a link to very, very old Zope-RPMs  (left navigation slot, 
"Zope RPMs":http://www.taupro.com/Downloads/Zope, last release 2.5.1).

Marcus Schopen provides brandnew RPMs (RedHat & SuSe) and backports for 
Debian for the German Zope User Group (DZUG) and has built a mirror page 
on Zope.org for the international Zope-Community.


Marcus stays in close contact with the SuSe-Zope-Maintainer & the 

I would suggest that we update this link, because there are many people 
out there who want to "test" (and hopefull get in love with) Zope by 
installing a package.

Cheers, Maik