[ZWeb] Re: [Zope-Annce] NZO Alpha2 Announcement

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
18 Jun 2003 18:59:10 +0100

> | If not, I could slap together some scripts based on any existing log
> | files, if that will help.  I've been doing quite a lot of
> | caching/performance related work recently so I could do it fairly
> | easily.
> That would rule indeed. Note that ATM, were running only one ZEO
> client and no Apache caching. Later on there will be two
> Apaches and two ZEO clients (AFAICT). Could we schedule some time to
> do this (better if before the beta)?

Sure.  It would be instructive to run the same tests with and without
the cluster.  I'm in the UK - best time for me is around 1600 - 1700

Does it really matter which day I do it as long as I drop the list a

It might be best for me to have a shell so I can restart stuff if it
falls over, btw.