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Christian Theune ct@gocept.com
22 Jun 2003 10:53:16 +0200

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Am Sam, 2003-06-21 um 19.37 schrieb Marcus Schopen:
> I talked with Guido van Rossum about this problem some month ago and=20
> offerd him that it would be no problem to place a ZEO Client at the=20
> University of Bielefeld, right next to your DZUG server. Hardware is no=20
> problem! He had no time and also some security objections. To my mind we=20
> could set up a ssh tunnel and some firewall rules for ZEO-ZEOClient=20
> communications. That should be save.

Right. That is what I was thinking too. SSH port forwarding should be
save enough. Nice to know that offer around. I really would like to see
a better performing NZO. (I don't believe the site will on it's own be
faster than the current one).


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