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Christian Theune ct@gocept.com
22 Jun 2003 12:27:53 +0200

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Am Son, 2003-06-22 um 12.20 schrieb PieterB:
> > > +1! on that, I would like to have a http://www.eu.zope.org/
> > What about a load balancer to make ZEOClients transparent for users?
> I'm not really familiar with current load balancers, but they tend
> to distribute the load so that the servers load is balanced. That's
> something different than that the clients respons. E.g. if I request
> www.zope.org, from europe, I doubt ZC's loadbalancer will direct me to=20
> the european server (because according to ZC's loadbalancer, ZC's
> servers have a much better performance).

There are different ways of describing load of a server. Can be response
time, can be system load (like given by "uptime"), amount of requests
still running etc ... A stupid round robin could be fine for us. DNS has
additionally the positive effect that the chance is very high that your
whole session is on one server.

> I think the best way is to use a loadbalancer for a dynamic DNS
> (roundrobin+performance based ). That loadbalancer would give different
> IP's of www.zope.org (zeo1.zc.zope.org, zeo1.eu.zope.org, etc).

Yup, DNS + Performance based isn't very helpful because your DNS
responses will be cached in between anyway, so the short term
performance index isn't going to impact  that much.

> For something like this, you need "Global Server load balancing".
> I know Foundry support this:
> http://www.foundrynet.com/solutions/appNotes/GSLB.html

Well, round-robin DNS could be done by virtually any provider. This
would be an issue for ZCs hosting/housing provider.

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