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I tried to submit this twice to the Zope Announce Mailing list but it was rejected as spam how can I get it approved.

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Subject: Dublin Core IRC Extravaganza

Hi All,

Just to let you know there's to be an IRC session on Dublin Core Meta Data and Zope 3 Development next Wednesday 2nd July.  This is timed to be in the middle of the OzZope monthly meeting in Melbourne. We will be in the sprinting room at Trinity College so will have access to computers. On IRC will be Jim Fulton, Tom Cameron and sprinters coming to the Melbourne Zope 3 Development Sprint 9th-13th July.  If you have an interest in Dublin Core Meta data please join us.

On IRC at irc.freenode.net #zope-au and join in.

TIME Wednesday 2nd July:
4am Los Angeles (sorry LA - you all code through the night anyway :)
7am New York  
1pm Paris
7pm Perth
8pm Tokyo
9pm Melbourne 
11pm Wellington


Jan Smith
Coordinator OzZope

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