NZO content administration (was: Re: [ZWeb] feedback: Welcome to

Andy McKay
Sun, 02 Mar 2003 15:49:58 -0800

>>> When you have extremely stale content on a site like this you make it 
>>>> next to impossible for people to justify Zope as a viable technology.

> I believe it's important that the new won't have this problem, 
> and therefore it should not be build on products that have choosen to 
> differ from the current path of CMF, even if it speeds up the production 
> of a NZO - or we will have the same problem in six months or sooner... 
> unless ofcourse, if the choosen product is going to be the official CMF 
> implementation in the future...

Oh give it break for crying out loud. I make it really hard to take 
these seriously when anything broken on is Plone's fault.

**The reason the content is not updated is because the content has not 
been updated.** We have a webmaster, Mr Shell who is doing a good job. 
Let him do his job. We could have content rotate, be shown at random or 
not show at all.

My golly how does and get content up? Dunno, 
somehow they manage to use Plone. My left toe is hurting, it isnt the 
skiing, Plone on NZO's fault.
   Andy McKay