NZO content administration (was: Re: [ZWeb] feedback: Welcome to

Andy McKay
Sun, 02 Mar 2003 17:59:18 -0800

 > actually I love the current, and my
> point is, that I don't see the need to update the site itself, but only 
> sees a need for tighter content administration/updating policies.

Really, that's an unusual position. I haven't been in the guts of, but I've had a look at some of the more exposed bits and its 
seemed like it needs a good fix.

It seemed to me in your initial post, you made a direct correlation 
between Plone and the ability to update content on the site.

>> We have a webmaster, Mr Shell who is doing a good job. Let him do his 
>> job. We could have content rotate, be shown at random or not show at all.
> Yes - but shouldn't we discuss these options too ?

Absolutely. I've said several times in the past that the simplest 
solution is that if we have old content, do not show it. ie: if the 
article for the home page is more than a month old, dont show it.
   Andy McKay