[ZWeb] more remarks/discussion

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 23:14:38 -0300

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 09:51:16PM +0100, PieterB wrote:
| Hello,
| You guys might get tired of my remarks about the new site
| http://dev.nzo.zope.org, but here are some more remarks.

Definitedly not. Keep broadcasting! Its good to hear someone from outside.

| Can anybody explain the navigation? I see the "tabs" Welcome,Members,News
| and Search, but I don't know why they are chosen (seem to be similar
| to plone-site). How does the top navigation relate to the navigation
| box on the left side (About Zope, etc). I think it's good to be
| consistent in the navigation, so perhaps it's even better to use
| the tabs "About Zope", "Business", "Community", "Docs", "Download",
| "Members", "News", "Project", "Search", but that's quite a lot.
| (another idea is to remove "News" and "Members" from the "tabs",
| because they are listed under "About Zope" and "Community")

Well pointed out! As this place is usually used by banners, it was on my 'blinkd zone'. I havent realized that it still had the Plone links. I think that I should use the same top tabs as on current Zope.org. What do you think?

| I checked the current Zope.org. What will happen to the "Zope
| Resources" content?  http://www.zope.org/Resources . Will that
| information be put under About Zope?

Thats a good candidate for the top menu. It isnt linked from anywere at the moment.

| I really like templates which display the title of the page prominent in
| the content area. What about putting a <h1>Welcome to Zope.org</h1> in
| front of "What is Zope?". 

I think it had this and I removed. I dont remember If there was a reason to do so tough.

| The page uses <h3> as primary heading's. Headings should be used
| starting from <h1> (remember some search engine give words in headings
| a higher score).

Good tip! I didnt knew about that. Will make this change.

| I prefer a label "Zope for..." instead of "Info for". The web contains a
| lot of information, so Zope is more specific.

Excellent! Will do this too.

| The site forces horizontal scrolling on IE6.0 using 1024x768. Horizontal
| scrolling is bad! I think the it will be solved if the products box is
| placed in the right most column.

Humm.. Must be another of those annoying IE bugs (like the logo at the top that refuses to be aligned to the left). I will try to fix that, but I dont think it is related to the products box on the middle. It works perfectly on mozilla, as usual.

| What's the Products box listing: Recent products, Changed products,
| Popular products, New products? Please be more specific about it
| in the Products-box-label. Please move it to the right column.

Its for latest software releases. It was on the right column, but I think that you asked to remove it from there on your previous email, didnt you?

| I think an extra graphic in the content are would make the site
| frontpage more attractive. SOmething like the "Zope demo" box on
| the frontpage of http://zope.com/. Examples of demo's: "demo of
| ZMI", "demo of Zope3 ZMI", "demo of ZopeTop", "demo of Plone UI",
| "information about becoming a member and using ZMI yourself", "how
| to setup a freezope site", etc.  And off course listing all CMF-demo's
| from Zope.com

Good one again. Jeffrey, do you think we can get a RSS feed from things in Zope.com? Like, courses availability, Case Studies and such?

| What about creating more links to wiki-pages and using wiki's for
| quite a lot of pages. Zwiki supports freeformlinking, so links don't
| have to use StudlyCaps. If security is an issue, you can allow only
| edits from a special group (zope members, zope developers, zope
| developers who have CVS-rights, zc personel, etc). 

I dont think that would help, and Jeffrey is not a big fan of Wikis, unfortunately. I have to keep in mind that he will be the one mantaining zope.org later.

| Ok, maybe this will be my last e-mail on this subject ;)
| Maybe not...

I hope not. Your suggestions have helped a lot and Im sure that you have many more from where those came from. :P

Sidnei da Silva