NZO content administration (was: Re: [ZWeb] feedback: Welcome to

Jeffrey P Shell
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 00:10:27 -0700

On Sunday, March 2, 2003, at 07:21  PM, Erik Lange wrote:

> At 02:59 AM 3/3/03, Andy McKay wrote:
>> > actually I love the current, and my
>>> point is, that I don't see the need to update the site itself, but 
>>> only sees a need for tighter content administration/updating 
>>> policies.
>> Really, that's an unusual position.
> Really - considering the potential users of the site.
>> I haven't been in the guts of, but I've had a look at some 
>> of the more exposed bits and its seemed like it needs a good fix.
> Okay - I haven't... I just looks at it from a users point of view, and 
> of course the design and layout could be more fancy, but that's not 
> the most important thing for me. Simplicity and usabillity is, and it 
> works for me at present :-)

The software behind the site is a great showcase of Zope 2.0 
technologies, a lot of ZClass usage, a lot of oddities (like the ZSP 
list), and some heavy customizations - in some cases, just to deal with 
the volume of traffic and ZODB capacity.  It's built out of a lot of 
ZClasses with External Methods.  Is it terrible?  No, I don't think so. 
  But maintenance has become difficult.  It's running a modified version 
of Zope 2.3 (modifications include backports of some certain security 
fixes and other patches, such as HTTP Ranges).

It's doubtful that the current software could be migrated to 
latest-and-greatest Zope easily.  :\

> I do believe though, that a "ZopeZen-look" would be great - I've 
> always loved the look-and-feel of your site, even before you used 
> Plone for the back-end ;-)
>> It seemed to me in your initial post, you made a direct correlation 
>> between Plone and the ability to update content on the site.
> Nope - that was not what I meant, sorry :-(
> But it ssems to me, that some people sees a direct correlation between 
> using Plone and the ability to update content. As far as I know, 
> there's not yet any AI build into Plone, and intelligence is the key 
> to managing site content, so I would like to fokus on that part of 
> NZO, regardsless of whatever products that will be used.

Managing, maintaining, etc, of content, can only be truely solved by 
community involvement and diligence.  What does "managing site content" 
mean?  When I got back to the UnreviewedIndex today, there were a lot 
of new items to publish - content is being updated.  More work could be 
done on the "Index Pages" (Resources, etc), but it's hard for me to 
judge how much time I should invest in some of these areas when there's 
a new site coming down the pipe.

It's very late and sleep is needed, so I'll end here for the night.