[ZWeb] NZO Alpha Announcement

PieterB PieterB <pieterb@gewis.nl>
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:56:30 +0100 (CET)

> Its been quite some time since I announced the pre-Alpha state of
> NZO. Lots of things happened since then, and as promised, Im releasing
> today the alpha version of NZO.

> Improvements worth of note on this version:
Quite a lot. I'll only comment/repeat on my open issues:

>  - Loads of cleanups on CSS and HTML. 
- Changing of font size in browser doesn't work (it works fine with Tonico's

- Stupid space in front of Zope logo. If it doesn't leave by next
week I am going to fight it ;). Anybody got a clue why IE is messing
this up?

- Please update the spotlight: 21 august 2001 doesn't look up to date

- Log in box -> Nice blue top bar just like the boxes on the right hand
  side would be nice.

Some new issues:
- Blue of Zope logo doesn't match blue background of topbar

- Maybe an idea to use Javascript to put the cursor in the 
  search box using the BODY ONLOAD (see google.com for the javascript)

- The 'more' (e.g. What is zope) links might be made a bit more
  attractive, e.g.  put a blue |> in front or use the plone thingie

- Products names are not displayed correctly. I guess "1.0 (1.0)" 
  should read Someproduct (1.0)

- Copyright? There isn't a &copy; before 2003 but I don't really
like the 'All rights reserved'. The legal page links to Zope.com
which seems to have a typo/error in their 'Legal notice'. Can I use
zope.org's new design for my websites (not that I plan to), or will
ZC sue me. I think the design/template should be ZPL or something
similar, perhaps even the new default for Zope 2.7 websites. That
would make it easier to use goodlooking/usable websites using Zope.

- The contact link should link to a form, instead of using a mailto
(mailto is bad, unless used for emailadresses). The form should
give the user the oppurtinity to post to zope@zope.org for a
zope-question, and to zope-web@zope.org for a zope-web question.
Clearly state that the message will be sent to an e-maillist which
is archived on the web.

- You wrote something about linking the mailinglist navigation to
lists.zope.org/ mail.zope.org. I think it's bad to have links in
the menu directly go to other sites when the user doesn't expect
it (with Zope Exits the user expects to leave the zope site).  Why
not create a clear, nice looking subpage describing the various
Zope mailinglist and how to use them, e.g. warn that zope@zope.org
is a high-traffic list, that the lists are archived on the web,
etc. That page could have a clear link to lists.zope.org. I think
mailman 2.1 new templating system even uses ZPT (not sure), so it's
even possible to give the mailman pages a zope.org look and feel
(not very high priority, though).

>  - All content of Zope.org except /Wikis (pending a hand from Shane
>  with a misbehaving script) as of March 14 was migrated.
What about the wiki's? What's the current state of them? Are you
planning to use CMFWiki or Zwiki?

>  - Objects have a 'obsolete' workflow state, that will be used to mark
>  old content and remove it on the next round of migration.
remove it? are zope members given a long period of time to clean
up their home dirs? (i don't think a period such as two weeks that
is used on plone.org is appropriate for zope.org). Another solution
is to make old content hard to find (e.g. moving it to old.zope.org
or not searching it by default)

> Many thanks to the people that gave suggestions so far, Peter, Paul, Jan,
> George, and Tonico who made the last mockup which in my opinion was
> one of the biggest improvements.
Small typo: Peter -> Pieter? Or did I miss Peter's suggestions? ;)

> On the following weeks, we will be discussing the next steps on
> getting this to replace the current Zope.org and will continue
> improving whats here. 
Yeah! Any plans on when to release next alpha or beta? Any plans
on a final release date we/you're aiming for?