[ZWeb] dev.nzo.zope.org design copyright

PieterB PieterB <pieterb@gewis.nl>
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:44:21 +0100 (CET)

> > - Copyright? There isn't a &copy; before 2003 but I don't really
> > like the 'All rights reserved'. The legal page links to Zope.com
> > which seems to have a typo/error in their 'Legal notice'. Can I use
> > zope.org's new design for my websites (not that I plan to), or will
> > ZC sue me. I think the design/template should be ZPL or something
> > similar, perhaps even the new default for Zope 2.7 websites. That
> > would make it easier to use goodlooking/usable websites using Zope.
> Huh?
Ok, I'll try to be a bit more clear:

Minor issues:
- there should be a &copy; before the text 2003 Zope Corp... in the
- zope.com legal messages are of the format:
	Legal Notice 
	All materials found on this web site are the property of
	Zope Corporation and all rights are reserved. The information
	contained in and on the various pages of the Zope Corporation
	web site have been issued for general distributio...
  I didn't noticed it was a script which showed the first X chars and
  then "...". Please don't use half sentences as 'teasers'. I really
  thought the licenses were incomplete. Use a proper description field,
  and a proper "<nice icon> Read more" link

Major issue:
- why is the design copyrighted to ZC and not ZPL? I would like it if
Zope developers are allowed to create a skin/zpt/html/css based on the
new zope.org

- use a stripped down version of the  new zope.org template with
  the Zope 2.7 distribution, so that an OOTB zope install looks nice 
  (without plone). Make the Zope.org skin available to plone.org users, 
  just like the ZopeZen skin.