[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback screen

PieterB PieterB <pieterb@gewis.nl>
Thu, 8 May 2003 10:56:35 +0200 (CEST)

Guido writes:
> > The feedback has a specific purpose: To allow people to give feedback about
> > the website itself. The feedback page is clearly labeled as such, with
> > appropriate pointers. You still get the occasional 'blind' person who
> > doesn't read the intro text on a feedback page.
> My observation is that *all* recent uses of the feedback form have
> been inappropriate.  So the "clear labeling" clearly doesn't work. :-(

Well, I won't describe
as a page which uses "clear labeling"

I think Shane idea is quite good. What about using some kind of
"wizard"-approach, to force the people to rethink what they're doing...

Example for first page:


<h1>Feedback form Zope</h1>

Please specify the kind of feedback you would like to give:

(1) a question or comment regarding the Zope application server
(2) a question or comment regarding a specific Zope product
(3) a question or comment about the information on this web site
(4) a problem with your Zope.org Membership 
(5) a comment on the Zope.org services for members
(6) a bug or feature request
	( ) for Zope.org
	( ) for the Zope 
(7) Request for ZSP listing
(.) ...
(.) other/don't know


After specifying the kind of feedback, the user will get some kind of form
which kan be used to send an e-mail. For example for (3):


You can use this screen to ask a question or make a comment about
the information on this web site.

Note that by using this form you are reaching the maintainers of the
Zope.org server, not necessarily the author of the page you found the
link to this form on. Please consider if your request is intended for
the author instead, and use the appropriate link at the bottom of that
page instead. 

You're question will be sent to zope-web mailinglist and will be
archived on the web.

Your name
Your e-mailadress

<send feedback>


BTW the contact mechanism on http://dev.nzo.zope.org has a
mailto:webmaster@zope.org link.  I think there should be a link to
a contact/feedback page there.

Any news on NZO-progress?