[ZWeb] Missing title in news again

Martijn Pieters mj@zope.com
Fri, 9 May 2003 15:03:09 -0400

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 10:26:15PM -0700, Andy McKay wrote:
> This happens occasionally, any chance of changing the DTML so that if
> title is null it shows something you can click on, description or [no
> title] at the very least?

When this happens, this is error. Reviewers should not allow any news item
to be published that doesn't have a title. This morning's title-less item
was the result of one reviewer accidentially clicking the 'approve' button,
and then having his internet connection crap out on him when trying to fix

Please notify webmaster@zope.org org reviewers@zope.org if you see this

If you *have* to see the item in question, the RSS feed includes the URL

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