[ZWeb] IIS/ASP404/Plone

Brian Sullivan briansullivan@coursesbywire.com
Thu, 29 May 2003 10:41:46 -0400

I noticed a post on this subject ( running Zope behind an IIS server) the
other day -- it prompted me to give the trick a try.

(http://www.zope.org/Members/hiperlogica/ASP404) is where the vb script and
info is found.

All seemed to go well ( after I figured out to unset authentication options
at the IIS end)-- I managed to get several Zope sites/subsites appearing as
IIS delivered.

However when I tried a private plone site using the script I get the
following error on access:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

Type mismatch: 'Response.ExpiresAbsolute'

/Management/default.asp, line 377"

The offending code ( around 377):

          if lhName = "expires" then
         ' ditto for Expires:
  Response.ExpiresAbsolute = hValue
                bValidHeader = false
            end if

If I comment out the "Response.ExpiresAbsolute = hValue" line everything
appears to work. I am not conversant enough with what is going on here to
know what this code is doing ( and what effect the commenting out has) but
it seems like a bug in the code.

Can anybody provide any insight into what effect this code removal has ( or
a patch to allow it to operate as originally intended)?

Brian Sullivan
Meeting by Wire ( http://www.meetingbywire.com)