[ZWeb] IIS/ASP404/Plone

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Thu, 29 May 2003 10:10:06 -0600

On Thursday, May 29, 2003, at 09:19  AM, Brian Sullivan wrote:

> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Please post your question to the Zope mailinglist zope@zope.org. This
>> list is not the right place.
> Hmm -- as my problem seems to only occur with a Plone private site (as 
> I
> clearly stated in the post) -- I was guessing that this was 
> appropriate as
> any place to start.
> Anyway I will post it in other places as well if I don't get more 
> friendly
> responses than yours.

I apologize if you took the responses the wrong way.  They may be curt, 
but they are the most helpful we can give.  zope-web@zope.org is a low 
traffic, low subscriber list with a specific focus.  If you reached 
this list by mistake, or even intentionally, it *is* the wrong list to 
ask.  The other responders are trying to help by diverting your 
attention to mailing lists that are more accurate.  Unfortunately, 
typing in long responses such as this do take up the time of list 
members (and time is always a precious commodity), often leading to 
curt but informative answers when posts [accidental or intentional] 
wrongly come to the zope-web list.

The description of this mailing list (**not** the plone-users list you 
also cross posted to) on the Zope.org Mailing Lists page is this:

> Zope-Web is the place for discussing the Zope community websites: 
> www.zope.org, dev.zope.org and new.zope.org.  Discussion about the 
> merits, flaws, and voids of their respective services is appropriate 
> here.

A private Plone site does not fit into that description.  Note that we 
do not run Plone.org.

Again - this only applies to the 'zope-web@zope.org' mailing list.  If 
you cross posted to this list by mistake, don't worry about it.  If 
your posting to this list was intentional (thinking you'd reach a 
general Zope list), please review the MailingLists page.  It's a loss 
of your time if you post to a list that can not help beyond directing 
you to a list that can.


Jeffrey P Shell