[ZWeb] Re: Credits...

Olivier DECKMYN odeckmyn.list at teaser.fr
Fri Sep 5 19:21:43 EDT 2003

> Heheh, I think we have the beginnings of an FAQ. :^)

> I'm not sure there is a webmaster.  Regarding volunteering, 
> participation requires signing the Zope.org Contributor Agreement. 
> Here's is an analysis of this legal document:

>    http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-web/2003-July/002764.html

This doc, as you state in your mail, should be replaced by a NDA in
order to protect password. I would sign a NDA. I will not sign the
actual agreement.

> These points haven't yet been responded to, but there's a chance they 
> will soon.

Hope so :)

> Still, I don't think anyone has signed the agreement, which, 
> when combined with the webmaster thing, means zope.org is somewhat on 
> autopilot (note: this is just a guess, I gave up on zope.org after these 
> questions got ignored).

Yep. In fact pilot is Leslie Nielsen (from "Airplane flying high")!!!

> Here's the funny thing.  Olivier, I think your skin is now considered 
> ZC's "protected information"!  What does that mean?

May be I should have choosen to work for SUN or M$ or even NSA if I
had knew that :) :)

> We cannot 
> "disclose, divulge, reveal, report, publish, transfer or use Protected 
> Information".  I doubt this was your intent when volunteering your
> time. :^)

No comment !

> Hopefully the hidden hand will appear and sort all this out.

I'm sure it's Leslie ! :)

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