[ZWeb] Re: Credits...

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey at cuemedia.com
Fri Sep 5 13:48:05 EDT 2003

On Friday, September 5, 2003, at 07:36  AM, Olivier DECKMYN wrote:

> Such a shame... :(
> webmaster at zope.org, where (who) are you ? :)

I'm hired as part time webmaster.  And I, unfortunately, have to 
emphasize the 'part-time' aspect - it basically amounts to no more than 
five hours per week, and sometimes I'm lucky if I have that much time 
to set aside now with both school and work and life and being extremely 
poor (ahhh, the new new new new economy).

What is the problem regarding 'Credits', per se?  I lost the initial 
part of this thread.  I'll put aside some time to fix it on my own if 
it's a content issue.  I can't arbitrarily hand out editing rights any 
more than we hand out arbitrary checkin privileges to Zope's CVS.

The situation with the new site is still confusing - I myself don't 
know all of what's going on, so I try to fix things where I may and 
when I may.  But I'm only a small part of the puzzle.

Please remember that this site is a free service.  It benefits Zope as 
a brand and platform to have such a large site available for the 
community to use, but it does take a lot of bandwidth and hardware to 
deal with the sites volume.  Converting the old site to the new site 
was a mammoth undertaking - just on the content conversion side alone.  
There are still a lot of issues remaining to be worked out, yes.  And 
they are being worked on to the best of the abilities of those who have 
time and access to deal with them (I myself do not have access to make 
software changes).  But I have to assume that most of these people, 
like myself, have many other responsibilities at the moment.

That's all I can say at the moment, and these only reflect my own 
opinions and perceptions of the situation.

Jeffrey P Shell

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