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Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey at cuemedia.com
Fri Sep 5 15:28:07 EDT 2003

On Friday, September 5, 2003, at 01:32  PM, george donnelly wrote:

> [Jeffrey P Shell wrote (jeffrey at cuemedia.com) on 9/5/03 1:48 PM]
>> Please remember that this site is a free service.  It benefits Zope as
>> a brand and platform to have such a large site available for the
>> community to use, but it does take a lot of bandwidth and hardware to
>> deal with the sites volume.  Converting the old site to the new site
>> was a mammoth undertaking - just on the content conversion side alone.
>> There are still a lot of issues remaining to be worked out, yes.  And
>> they are being worked on to the best of the abilities of those who 
>> have
>> time and access to deal with them (I myself do not have access to make
>> software changes).  But I have to assume that most of these people,
>> like myself, have many other responsibilities at the moment.
> .... you have just stated very clearly why the process should be 
> opened up a
> bit to allow community members to lend a hand without having to sign 
> away an
> arm and a leg.

I'm not responsible for the agreement.  I may have given an OK on it a 
bit hastily.  I'll have to re-review it when I have time (I'm already 
very behind in my day).  Nothing scared me upon reading it, so I was a 
little surprised that there was a vociferous reaction.  Again - I'll 
need to re-review it in order to offer any real opinion of my own about 

> if cost is an issue, i'm sure there are some ZSP's willing to chip in.

Cost is not the issue.  I just wanted to remind people that this is a 
very large site.  Plus - I've always been of the camp "don't complain 
about free services" :).  The site needs improvement, yes.  I just hope 
people appreciate the amount of work that has been done for them over 
the years to give them such a large public resource, that's all.

> I understand your situation and your limited resources. Someone at the 
> top
> needs to pay attention to this issue and flip a switch somewhere to 
> open up
> the cathedral doors a little.

I think that the contributor agreement was an attempt at that, and that 
people realize that it was an attempt to open the doors a little.  So 
maybe it wasn't the right attempt.  But it is an acknowledgment of the 
situation.  I can't speak for the current state of things, however.  I 
do know that people are aware of the situation.  Strong but flexible 
licenses and agreements take time.

Jeffrey P Shell

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