[ZWeb] Stuff...

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Wed Sep 10 13:43:11 EDT 2003

Jeffrey P Shell wrote:

> What is the problem regarding 'Credits', per se?  I lost the initial 
> part of this thread. 

It wasn't, it was just a subject line that hung around to long...

> it's a content issue.  I can't arbitrarily hand out editing rights any 
> more than we hand out arbitrary checkin privileges to Zope's CVS.

Shame really...

> Please remember that this site is a free service.  It benefits Zope as a 
> brand and platform to have such a large site available for the community 
> to use, but it does take a lot of bandwidth and hardware to deal with 
> the sites volume.  

Well, we'd love to help out if only we were allowed to :-P



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