[ZWeb] restarted appt servers

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 02:21:04 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:

> zope.org was particularly slow this morning, I restarted both app 
> servers and things seem to have gotten a bit better.

Didn't help as much as I'd hoped :-(

I thought viewing the local roles page was a "bad" thing to do since it 
was taking an age to display after the restart, so I restarted again, 
but in the meantime the local roles page HAD actually rendered and 
hadn't listed all 30,000 zope.org members as I'd feared.

SO, kinda confused, but thought I'd report back anyway.
Maybe something's up with the storage server?
Can someone have a look?



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