[ZWeb] Re: ZDG updates

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Sat Aug 21 01:30:01 EDT 2004

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> Even before determining a policy (which is definitely needed, true) 
> people who have "elevated" access to zope.org *must* have one central 
> place where they have to report any privileges they hand out.

It's recorded in the archives of the zope-web and webmaster at zope.org lists.

> If it was my own site I would even go so far as to put added privileges 
> to people who are not part of the admin group to a vote.

To put it bluntly: no fucking way. I will not stand idly by and see 
people who are offering help have their offers of help effectively 
rejected due to unnecessary red tape demanded by one or two individuals.

That said, I DO think anyone who hands out a local role, as I did, needs 
to take responsibility for their actions. I know Joel, and I trust him 
not to fuck anything up. ZODB's undo gives us an option to quickly and 
easily revert unfortunate changes, and my responsibility taking means 
that, for example, if anyone complains about a change he has made, I'd 
expect to be responsible for sorting it out.

To put it another way, Jens, would you like to maintain the ZDG, or 
would you prefer Joel to do it?


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