[ZWeb] Re: ZDG updates

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sat Aug 21 01:36:39 EDT 2004

>> Even before determining a policy (which is definitely needed, true) 
>> people who have "elevated" access to zope.org *must* have one central 
>> place where they have to report any privileges they hand out.
> It's recorded in the archives of the zope-web and webmaster at zope.org 
> lists.

Yes, when it's already said and done...  As you might be aware, there 
are also legal implications. That's why people have to sign stuff 
before getting Manager access.

> To put it bluntly: no fucking way. I will not stand idly by and see 
> people who are offering help have their offers of help effectively 
> rejected due to unnecessary red tape demanded by one or two 
> individuals.
> That said, I DO think anyone who hands out a local role, as I did, 
> needs to take responsibility for their actions. I know Joel, and I 
> trust him not to fuck anything up. ZODB's undo gives us an option to 
> quickly and easily revert unfortunate changes, and my responsibility 
> taking means that, for example, if anyone complains about a change he 
> has made, I'd expect to be responsible for sorting it out.
> To put it another way, Jens, would you like to maintain the ZDG, or 
> would you prefer Joel to do it?

Don't get your knickers all twisted up. I'm not making any policy here. 
I am giving my opinion.


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