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Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Sat Aug 21 05:21:50 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:

> I appreciate your enthusiasm. But deleting docs is really a bad idea.

Deleting misleading, outdated information is fine by me.

> Remove links anywhere you see fit (that's all the page at this location 
> seems to point to)

I'm talking about the contents of that folder. I'm not sure it's even 
linked from anywhere, hence the question...

> Old docs at the very least they serve as an outline for what these types 
> of docs can contain
> if/when we find people to volunteer to take over these documents.

This is cute, but given the trouble we have finding anyone to maintain 
ANY docs, I'd hypothesise these will NEVER get seen, even as a basis for 
other docs.

Besides, I'm fairly sure that ALL of those "guides" have been superceded 
  by the Zope Book and Zope Developers Guide, neither of which are 
seeing much maintenence either ;-)

Zope.org is a mess, particularly under the covers, I just want to get 
rid of the cruft that no-one sees, or will ever see, but has been left 
around by people too scared to wield the axe...

So, most important question:

Are the "guides" in that folder even linked to from anywhere?


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