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Sat Aug 21 14:25:19 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:

> Hi All,
> What's the qualification to get into the "Zope Exits" in the left nav?
> I currently see a mixture of community, national and commercial sites.
> www.zope.it seems down right now, so I'm commenting out.
> The community and national sites seem to mainly be free impartial 
> sites with content submitted by contributors. The rest comprise 
> ZopeMag, which is a teaser site for paid for content, and ZEA, which 
> from what I know of it, operates as a "bidding collective" that Paul 
> runs now. There's also Plone.org, which is a pure single-product site. 
> It does seem to be a bit out of place given the lack of other product 
> links (CPS, Silva, or even Squishdot ;-)
> What do other people feel?
> Chris
hello Chris,

i have proposed this site for exit section :


it's mostly in french but some parts are in english like interviews 
(swap languages to see)



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