[ZWeb] Log Analysis

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 06:18:30 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
>>> I'd prefer to delete the crud, and fix anything resulting in complaints.
>>> Seems preferable to me than just having the complaints ;-)
>> I'd like to have a copies to study at a later date.

How about if I .zexp stuff? There'd still be copies for anyone who wants 
them and Zope.org's ZODB begins its journey hopefully to eventually end 
up cruft-free...

>>> That's one of the pages I think should just plain die as described in 
>>> another mail. Looking at the site structure, the pages linked to from 
>>> categories in the left nav don't really add anything other than a 
>>> support burden. I'd prefer to see the categories as just unlinked 
>>> bold text. I think that would add to the readability of the left-nav 
>>> to boot.
>> I disagree and am working with Morten to revise it.

How so? It's only linked to from the front page, and everything 
contained within it is also linked to from the front page. I'd 
hypothesise that most people will use those links and never click on the 
Documentation heading.

Then again, I might be wrong ;-) We should find out one way or another. 
Where are the logs for Zope.org and how are they currently being analysed?

>> Well since I'm doing more than talking and have been sending emails 
>> back and forth with Morten, Graffling (generating PDFs) and Morten is 
>> now busy working on mockups -- I don't know who or what your talking 
>> about. I'd like to point out that besides my day job I'm busy moving 
>> this month.

I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just commenting on a pattern I've observed 
when it comes to maintaining Zope.org. I wouldn't include your work with 
Morten on the docs page in that pattern ;-)

>> Look Chris, do what the f*$k you want. 

I'm not sure of the reason for the abusive response...

>> I volunteered to help with the 
>> docs -- so did Morten. We are trying to think about structure and 
>> trying to get it right. If you think you can do it better using your 
>> fire and forget approach -- knock yourself out.  Too many cooks 
>> sometimes spoil the broth.

The docs are actually pretty well structured already, if you ignore the 
cruft. We have the Zope Book, and the Zope Developers Guide. Between 
them, they've subsumed most of the "official" docs I know about. As far 
as the rest goes, maybe How-To's should be farmed off officially to the 
cookboox site (ZopeLabs, IIRC, but I'm working offline so can't check 
right now). Articles have their own page, it just needs maintaining. 
There's a books page on Zope.com, which just needs maintaining.
The key thing for me here is not that stuff needs restructuring, it just 
needs actual maintenance work.
I've seen a fair few attempts at "trying to get it right" and "think 
about structure", not many of them have got anywhere, but if you think 
you can do it better that way -- knock yourself out. I'm not cooking 
that part of the site and I shall avoid it in case I step on sensitive 
toes ;-)



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