[ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 06:24:42 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
> Making a copy of a page, using it as a mockup for discussion is a real 
> basis for discussion.
> Making the change to the live site and asking after the fact -- "what do 
> people think" is not.

How so? I think the latter is likely to elicit more discussion, 
especially from people who don't like it.

> Think about new users visiting the site. If the structure, navigation 
> and positioning of content changes on a daily or weekly basis they will 
> be more than a little confused.

Hmmm... maybe they'll just see a site that's being maintained. The 
changes I made don't need to be made often, but they did need to be 
made. I don't remember any discussion before those 4 adverts were 
slapped into the news column and then just left there, obscuring the 
news that was actually being updated.

Likewise, on the left nav front, I only actually commented out one link 
(to a site that was down), and removed one other (to docs that that said 
"this has been replaced by Zope Book chapter X and will be deleted 
soon"). The re-ordering was of the categories, I don't think I changed 
the order of anything within a category. The category order makes much 
more sense to me now, and I proposed it a few days before I made the 
change. Out of interest, what do you think of the new ordering?



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