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Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Mon Aug 23 09:23:59 EDT 2004

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> On Sunday 22 August 2004 05:34 am, Chris Withers wrote:
>>I have two hypopthesis:
>>1. Some search engine or other spider is ocassionally crawling some
>>non-cached and very CPU intensive pages.
I definately think this is happening and was going to check the logs in 
related to our load warnings.
>>2. Something silly has happened that's left each of the clients on app1
>>in single-threaded mode, so more than two simultaneous requests just get
> Hypthesis 3: it's the network.  Perhaps the load balancer or some other box is 
> dropping packets.  I don't think I saw a delay when I accessed the site 
> through an SSH tunnel (to reach a specific app server).
Not this, we didn't put anything behind a loadbalancer.  There are two 
app servers behind a squid though; I have been doing a lot of squid fine 
tuning for another project and I can take a look at this and see if 
there are any areas I know will immediately improve the cahce performance.
>>FWIW, I'm not sure how useful it really is to cache a site that should
>>be as dynamic as Zope.org tothe extent we appear to have to to make it
>>work fast enough. To me, it feels like there's something fundamentally
>>wrong somewhere given that the load doesn't seem THAT high, and the site
>>seems to be erratically crippled rather than generally bogged down :-/
I don't believe much caching happens - it's primarily images and files.
> The front page loads thousands of objects from the catalog, so it needs to be 
> cached.  The rest probably doesn't need to be cached (and mostly isn't.)
Casey and I were working on a problem recently that requires intensive 
catalog queries to display pages, but often always only needed to 
display the X recent items.  Today is the first day I can monitor the 
performance results of this; but we expect it to be massive.  I would 
expect Zope org could benefit from this type of index also -- it's been 
released as OpenSource.
> Shane
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