[ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes

Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Mon Aug 23 09:42:23 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:

> *shrugs* if there are enough active people there, I don't see the 
> difference. The proposed changes were mentioned on this list anyway, 
> with a request to comment. Did you get that mail? Sadly it seems this 
> list is suffering more than most at the hands of lists.zope.org :-(

> cheers,
> Chris
Who is the list manager for this list?  I can supply two very annoying 
email address who I believe are glogging up deliveries.  I'm not 100% 
certain how Mailman does it's deliveries to multiple addresses - but 
there's two who seem to be slowing/stopping mail which leads me to 
believe that mailman stops delivering to other subscribers or something. 
    That seems silly of course, but seeing as the postfix is delivering 
mail as soon as it receives it, but all it's receiving from mailman is 
often the two above referenced emails (bad domains).

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