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> From: Mark <mark at zopemag.com>
> Date: August 23, 2004 4:19:58 PM CEST
> To: Chris Withers <chris at simplistix.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: [ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes
> Hi,
> On Aug 23, 2004, at 12:44 PM, Chris Withers wrote:
>> Mark wrote:
>>> When it was said on this mailinglist that changes should be 
>>> announced on #zope and #plone I had understood this to be for the 
>>> purpose of letting people know when people were working on the "live 
>>> site" of zope.org on things like software updates / checking in 
>>> changes so that people aren't making changes on the site at the same 
>>> time. This was as far as I understood it not the place to have 
>>> discussions on structure/navigation changes to Zope.org (exceptions 
>>> being something like IRC)
>> *shrugs* if there are enough active people there, I don't see the 
>> difference. The proposed changes were mentioned on this list anyway, 
>> with a request to comment. Did you get that mail? Sadly it seems this 
>> list is suffering more than most at the hands of lists.zope.org :-(
> sorry the last part was supposed to be "(exceptions being something 
> like an IRC meeting)" not IRC.
> I just don't have the screen real estate to have an IRC window open 
> all day and the time zone thing is sometimes a problem as well.
>>>> and the people around me at the time.
>>> What does that mean. People around you at the time?
>> nothing sinister, just the people sitting around the same table as me 
>> at the time, some external but interested observors who I did a/b 
>> comparison with, without mentioned which was the current and which 
>> was the new :-)
>>> I like that the news are at the top again but it sure didn't make 
>>> the layout any prettier.
>>> What I think the front page really needs is a better structure.
>> If I hear one more discussion about structure I'm gonna puke ;-)
> Find a bowl or a bucket because its impossible to discuss reorganizing 
> the site without looking at structure.
> Alternatively you can pull out a Thesaurus and I'll agree to use a 
> different word :-)
>>> Take the Ads for example.
>>> The titles are mostly repetitive. "Zope Technical Solutions Training 
>>> @ xxx" We could free up a lot of space by adopting a format like:
>>> Zope Technical Solutions Training
>>> September 7-10, California, USA (Cignex)
>>> August 9-12, India (ZeoMega)
>>> August 16-20, Brazil (Hipercursos)
>>> ......
>>> That would be a major improvement.
>> Then I'd encourage you to make that change! I certainly have no 
>> problems with it. In fact, something else I wanted to ask is how long 
>> those ads should stay there, and who decides what ads are 
>> appropriate.
> That is exactly the point Chris. I don't think you or I should 
> unilaterally make this change.
> Zope.com pays for Zope.org hosting and seems to consider these Ads as 
> a type of payback for their efforts. Fine with me but I think that 
> these aren't really ads as much as they are a particular type of 
> event. In the interest of the Zope.com and the community at large it 
> would be a much cooler idea to set up a system where people can lets 
> say see the next 5 upcoming training sessions or select via a country 
> pulldown dates they would like to see. (Bigger idea coming below)
>> As a side question, do you think that space the ads currently occupy 
>> is the correct place for them? They don't disrupt the layout of the 
>> site when they're added there, and so provide a more consistent feel 
>> for new users. If the people placing the adds really want them 
>> top-left, then surely they can submit them as normal news items?
> News Items are for News. We are missing an Event Type which includes 
> at least two more fields (than a news item
> has):
> - Type ( of Event)
> - Country
> (Start and End dates should be enforced)
> Something Like
> Event
> --- ZUG Meeting
> --- Conference
> --- Training Session
> Nice side effects would include that we could for example include a 
> "What Zope Events are  happening in France" page.
> We could then include a box similar to the one on the main page for 
> News Items which could show a mix of the next
> 5 upcoming events (regardless of their type). Clicking on the Events 
> title would bring up a similar page as this one for
> news:
> http://zope.org/News/
> except for people could filter on Type of Event and Country.
> -----
> One last thing this if nobody objects / silence --  then we do it 
> thing doesn't work for me.
> All of us are pretty busy people we might miss that email (in some 
> cases because we never actually get them) or IRC discussion. I propose 
> somebody come up with a simple yes/no voting system for the major 
> changes to a site (there definitely should be a minimum amount of 
> votes required) and then call for a vote in IRC and the 
> mailinglist(s). It would be especially nice when we do things like 
> come up with mockups to people able to ask for multiple yes no votes 
> for alternate designs or individual changes.
> Cheers,
> Mark
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