[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 12:33:19 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
>> The rest comprise ZopeMag, which is a teaser site for paid for content,
> If I read this again on this mailinglist I'm going to puke. ZopeMag is 
> the "only"
> Zope Magazine. Period. We are not a teaser site for paid for content.

I'm sorry you take offence at this, but unless you can say otherwise, it 
is an accurate summary of your business model.

> subscribers. Obviously there is a demand for the service we provide. 

I could say the same about my business, or Enfold, or Plone Solutions, 
or Nuxeo, or any other company that runs their business on Zope. The 
difference is we don't have a link from every page of Zope.org, and I 
wouldn't expect us to.

>> and ZEA, which from what I know of it, operates as a "bidding 
>> collective" that Paul runs now.
> That's not really fair to the ZEA by any means but I'm sure others can 
> defend their link.

I haven't seen any comment so far, but AFAIK, Paul left this list after 
it's total lack of effectiveness last year.
BUT, if a company appears as a member of a trade organisation (as ZEA 
does on http://www.zopeuk.org) and successfully bids for projects that 
companies such as mine would as like to bid for, then I'd question free 
advertising on every page of zope.org...

>> There'sd also Plone.org, which is a pure single-product site. It does 
>> seem to be a bit out of place given the lack of other product links 
>> (CPS, Silva, or even Squishdot ;-)
> That's certainly worthwhile discussing.

Indeed, and the sole purpose of my original mail to zope-web was to 
elicit discussion, so, can anyone suggest a neutral set of guidelines 
for what sites should appear in Zope Exits?

I'd suggest:

Sites that are centered around supporting the Zope community and do not 
exist primarily to charge for services or content relating to the site.

What do people think?


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