[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Tue Aug 24 04:51:51 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:

>> I agree with you. This should also be accepted policy for News Items ( 
>> i reject to publish news that contain direct advertising ) and other 
>> documents - there is a detailed explanation on
>> http://www.zope.org/Help/ "What material is acceptable for Zope.org?"
> I'm all for an acceptable News policy -- but where do people turn to 
> find out about commercial Zope offerings?

This is what "Business"/"Zope Solution Providers" at 
http://www.zope.org/Resources/ZSP/ should be (but this page does not 
deliver - to be honest).

Lets go and change the business section into something that works:
create listings by
- subject (books, magazines, hosting, consulting, ...)
- country
- alfabet
- creation/modification date

Lets add a link to the "Business" section to "Zope Exits" then.

> Maybe we should create a Zope Exits Content Type. As for inclusion 

Existing ZopeServiceProvider object could easily be used for that.


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