[ZWeb] Vanity bugs

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Aug 24 05:02:09 EDT 2004

Don Hopkins wrote:

> On Saturday 21 August 2004 10:52 am, Chris Withers wrote:
>>How about a Zope.org-fix-performance day in the vain of a bug day? 
> By "vain", do you mean fixing worthless, foolish, conceited, futile
> bugs? 
> Or do you mean the "vein" of a bug day, fixing bloody bugs that go to
> the heart of the problem? Now that would be a shot in the arm for Zope!

Well, naturally, I'd like the latter but really don't mind if the former 
happens at the same time ;-)

> Chris, I hope you can forgive me for being such a prick and needling
> you. 

No worries, far from popular belief, I do actually have a sense of 
humour. For my own bit of needling, I'd say that restructuring the whole 
site for the Nth time for a miniscule improvement in usability falls 
into the latter, while actually doing some hard-graft editing of content 
  probably falls into the latter ;-)


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