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Regarding to Zope exits policies, 

I never got a chance to get an anwser about my
suggestion of adding zopeur.org to this section. 

it's a non-commercial site, it's 100% independant
and not affiliated to any business. 

it tries to give some contents in english (interviews)
and in french. 

besides all the discussions going on about
which commercial site should be on this section. 

why such sites like zopeur.org are not referenced
as a part of zope community on zope.org ? 



Chris Withers writes: 

> Mark wrote:
>>> I'm sorry you take offence at this, but unless you can say otherwise, it 
>>> is an accurate summary of your business model.
>> Your point is a simplification and not a representative at all of what we 
>> are trying to do with ZopeMag.
> Then what is? 
>> But my point that ZopeMag is the only Zope Magazine remains valid.
> So what? Simplistix is the only official ReportLab partner for Zope 
> projects, I don't see how being unique justifies free advertising... 
>> Possibly, Paul has left this list -- but ZopeMag didn't join ZEA at the 
>> time to start a bidding network but instead to
>> help fund an organization to promote Zope use in Europe. Why don't you 
>> ask him for a statement?
> Paul? Do you want the "Zope Exits" link? If you do, how would you justify 
> it? 
>>> """
>>> Sites that are centered around supporting the Zope community and do not 
>>> exist primarily to charge for services or content relating to the site.
>>> """
>> With that definition one could argue that not even Zope.org qualifies.
> Yes, btu Zope.rog doesn't need to link to itself ;-) 
>> What a lot of people don't get is that an investment in time is the first 
>> step to a financial investment in professional
>> Zope services.
> On the contrary, I think the people who object to commercial "Zope Exits" 
> "get" just this... 
>> If people like what they see in for example the Zope Book (they consider 
>> the technology viable) they will in all probability pay for 
>> assistance/consulting or a training session at a later date while they 
>> try to accomplish the project.
> Indeed. 
>> Looking at Zope Corp's business model Zope.org is designed to instill a 
>> want -- a want that they ideally serve.
> Well, from everything I've heard Rob Page say recently, that's not the 
> case... 
>> Following your definition not even Zope would qualify as a Zope exit -- 
>> and that would be a shame!
> Zope Corporation? I'd say definitely not. They have plenty of ways to 
> excercise their control of the brand as a whole, which they are already 
> doing. Out of interest, if this is crucial to Zope.com, why is Zope.com 
> not a Zope Exit already? 
>> And by the way when a company evaluates a technology they typically will 
>> also look at the entire eco system which
>> includes questions like: 
>> - Is local, reliable service available?
>> - What about Training?
>> - What about Documentation?
> I believe I'm well versed in egg sucking already, thankyou... 
>> If you could not earn at least a part of your living providing Zope based 
>> services would you be able to spend as much time with Zope and have such 
>> a vested interest in helping with the community site? I honestly doubt 
>> it. Not that you are not an honorable man :-)
> I dunno what you're driving at here, I would emphasise that I'm not 
> angling for a link in Zope Exits. 
>> Zope.org is selling you man! (ok, maybe the site could be a better seller 
>> -- but we are all working on it).
> No, it isn't. My company is not currently listed anywhere on Zope.org, 
> except perhaps on my member page. I do what I do because I want to see a 
> better site as a whole. 
> cheers, 
> Chris 
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