[ZWeb] Re: "Zope Exits"

Ken Manheimer klm at zope.com
Tue Aug 24 13:48:24 EDT 2004

"Webmaster de Zopeur.org" <webmaster at zopeur.org> writes:

> Regarding to Zope exits policies, I never got a chance to get an anwser
> about my suggestion of adding zopeur.org to this section. it's a
> non-commercial site, it's 100% independant and not affiliated to any
> business. it tries to give some contents in english (interviews) and in
> french. besides all the discussions going on about which commercial site
> should be on this section. why such sites like zopeur.org are not
> referenced as a part of zope community on zope.org ?
> Tarek.

It sounds like everyone is busy trying to resolve exactly *what* zope exits
should include.  I expect your question will about being included will be
addressed when that's settled - you may want to hang around and reraise the
issue if you don't get an answer before then.  (I personally wouldn't mind
seeing something indicating when a site is for non-english speakers, but
maybe that's my english chauvinism showing through...)

At some point the collection of zope exits may get large enough that it'll
take a page of its own.

Ken Manheimer
klm at zope.com

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