[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Tue Aug 24 14:44:33 EDT 2004

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

>>>> I sure don't agree with Chris very often, but in this case I'd like 
>>>> to add a resounding...
>>>> +1
>>>> The whole issue of "Why does commercial site X get free advertising 
>>>> and my commercial site Y does not" is scary. Better to avoid it 
>>>> altogether.
>>>> jens
>>> +1
>>> I agree with you. This should also be accepted policy for News Items 
>>> ( i reject to publish news that contain direct advertising ) and 
>>> other documents - there is a detailed explanation on
>>> http://www.zope.org/Help/ "What material is acceptable for Zope.org?"
>>> I could think of a "Zope Exits" page - where entries are collected 
>>> and organized by subject and country.
>>> Else i would show links to Zope user groups and maybe mailing lists 
>>> only.
>> While I strongly agree that zope.org should be centered around the 
>> community, I sort of find it contradictory that being commercial would 
>> exclude one from the inherent support zope.org might provide that 
>> entity as it is indeed also part of the community.  I do agree it is a 
>> slipery slope, but a simple policy on how commercial sites are 
>> displayed would suffice and solve it (i.e. not as a Zope Exit) - maybe 
>> adding a specific commercial piece which highlights those companies 
>> successfully engaging in business with Zope.  The highlight of their 
>> success is important for the community as well, IMNSHO.  Approaching 
>> this without bias is the key, and this already seems biased if you ask 
>> me.
> This thread started out about "Zope Exits", and that's what mine and 
> Michael's replies deal with. Not with how to present commercial entities 
> in general. There are already some good suggestions for that further 
> into the thread.
Yeah, I responded before I read the entire thread this morning. 
Although I wasn't saying not to put them as Zope Exists, that was just a 
sample 'policy'  :)
> jens


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