[ZWeb] Commercial Ads on Zope.org front page

Chris Withers cwithers at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 02:49:59 EDT 2004

Hi Paul,
Paul Everitt wrote:
> Yes, I agree that ZEA should be dropped.  We always said we would become 
> a business partner network, it just happened faster than I expected.

Gone, as requested. (I've also uncommented zope.it since it seems to be 
working again, albeit slowly)

> I like the policy Jens and Chris have described.  We should balance it 
> with some anticipation of what the visiting audience would like to see.

Agreed. I think some log analysis would help with the latter...

> I haven't followed yet the discussion about the front page, but looking 
> now at the zope.org front page, I'm fairly surprised at the amount of 
> material of a commercial nature there.
> For example, there is a link to a press release for CA and ZC.  There 
> are then a series of links for commercial offerings that are related in 
> some way, but I'm not sure how that list was selected.

 From what I can see, those were added by Brian, I'm CC'ing him in 
hoping that hge can let us know the details, and how long they should 
remain on the front page...

> Zope.org should not be used as a commercial vehicle for any company in 
> the Zope universe.  The only exception should be a non-descript credit 
> on the home page labeling ZC as the sponsor of Zope.org.
> That applies to ZEA too, so take us off the list of links.  And get all 
> the commercial stuff off the home page, if possible.

Okay, well, zope-web is a much more active place nowdays, so I'd 
encourage you to rejoin the list and come take part :-)



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