[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Mark mark at zopemag.com
Wed Aug 25 03:29:24 EDT 2004


On Aug 25, 2004, at 9:00 AM, Chris Withers wrote:

> Mark wrote:
>>> So what? Simplistix is the only official ReportLab partner for Zope 
>>> projects, I don't see how being unique justifies free advertising...
>> In my opinion their is a huge difference between providing a ton of 
>> free documentation by our two Zope sites
>> and that as far as community value is concerned.
> I could say that my company provides a tonne of free service to the 
> community by answering mailing list posts, running bug days, fixing 
> software, monitoring zope.org, providing tonnes of free software.
> I'm still not angling for a link in "Zope Exits"

I certainly recognize your contribution in that regard Chris. But as 
stupid as it is people still repeat the comment
that their isn't a lot of documentation for Zope. I am not advocating a 
link to beehive, nor to Py or any other of our
other activities -- I am advocating a link to a valid and useful Zope 
related documentation site

Take for example


it is run by us but we created it out of sheer frustration that the 
community repeatedly tried to do something similar
and failed. we consider a weekly summary to be really important. weekly 
zopemag isn't perfect but we put out about 10x more issues than the 
previous attempts. is it less useful just because it is put out by a 
company (at a significant loss i might add)?

>> Really? That's nice to know. I'm not sure you understand what I'm 
>> getting at though.
> Then feel free to explain...

I tried above.



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