[ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 03:50:47 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
> I'm certainly not against a crappier Events box in the short term. My 
> point is that by asking just a little bit more
> data from people (such as the country of the event) we can build some 
> really cool useful stuff at a later date.

This "cool stuff" is what I think will fail.

> I just completely disagreed with your point that people wouldn't use an 
> Events type. Just look at current News Items.
> Their are always a few events in that que. And sometimes (when news days 
> or weeks are slow) they might be in their longer than the event itself 
> (and that's not useful).

I have no problem with an "event" type, hence this comment:

>> How about where the current "blue boxes" in the middle are?
>> I really like the news where it is now, and I think the new product 
>> releases section below it is more important that events...

> It's this kind of a statement that pisses me off. What ever genuine 
> attempt people make to improve Zope.org I would expect people to give it 
> a try. 

I didn't say I wouldn't give it a try ;-)

> If it doesn't work I would expect people to suggest improvements 
> and if that doesn't work it along with hopefully many other things we 
> try -- will at the very least have been a valiant attempt.

Fine by me...


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