[ZWeb] Creation and Last Modified dates?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 08:24:13 EDT 2004

Don Hopkins wrote:

> I appreciate your sense of humor as well as your efforts to clean up the
> Zope web site. 


> Don't let it drive you to taking the Lord's name in vein
> -- or you'll get religious tract marks on your arm. ;)

Didn't get that...

> There's a bunch of out of date stuff on zope.org written by people of
> unknown origin. When I google for information about Zope, I often end up
> on a page with no idea when it was written or if it's any good.
> Unfortunately lots of that old stuff is linked to from all over. 

I thought all content showed a modified date? Can you give me some 
examples that don't?

> Some of the documents say when they were last modified, but not when
> they were created, and not all of them show a date at all. Maybe you
> could put some code into the page template, to show the creation and
> last modified dates for all documents? 

Does anyone want to volunteer to do this?

> At the risk of hurting the feelings of people who contributed
> documentation (but less risk than deleting old documents), it might be a
> good idea to put a note that "This venerable document is now outdated,
> but the current documentation on this topic is [here]." 

I think export-and-remove for stuff outside of people's members folders 
is the way to go. I haven't heard anyone say this is a bad idea...

> What I would cherish would be a good concentrated API reference, sorted
> by category, with an index at the top instead of a barrage of user
> comments. 

This comes under my comment of "The Zope Book is there, it just needs 
editing" ;-)

> Especially a quick-reference to the core Zope classes, and one
> for the commonly used core products, without all the goofy stuff nobody
> uses on a day-to-day basis. 

*shrugs* a reference, by defenition, is complete...

> Source code should be primarily written for other people to read, and
> only incidentally for the computer to interpret. (To paraphrase a quote
> from the preface of Abelson & Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of
> Computer Programs.)

Not sure how this relates to the documentation structure...



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