[ZWeb] Moving /custom back into the repository

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 08:35:12 EDT 2004

Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
>> Would anyone have any objections to me moving the changes that are 
>> currently in portal_skins/custom back into the skin layer on disk?
> changes made in custom folder are changes to files that come with 
> product distribution.

No they're not, they're most changes to things in the NZO skin layer, 
which is a FSDV already in CVS...

> if you add the changes to the filesystem skins and you ever want to 
> update a product all changes will be lost - except you port the changes 
> made to zope.org back to the original products.

No you don't, you just need to put them in the nzo FSDV layer on disk.

>> I'd also propose a policy of deleting the "custom" layer to prevent it 
> Deleting the custom folder or any (atm not existing) other TTW defined 
> folders under portal_skins is against CMF philosophy of customization.

Says who? I don't believe CMF mandates a custom folder. I use it in 
other projects as either "where the customisation is done", if the 
project doesn't have multi-machine roll-out and revision control isn't 
important, or as a quick area to try stuff out before committing it to a 
source code resository.

Now, it looks like zope.org's custom folder was designed for the latter, 
but has lots of stuff in it which ahs been there for ages, is in 
production use, but which we don't know why it was created.

SVN or CVS helps with this a lot!

> Possible solution: collect all files under 'custom' into a new 
> CustomSkin product or add them to the NZO skin.

This has already been done, see the nzo layer. I purely want to move 
stuff out of custom and into this layer, and delete custom so that no 
further orphans can be created.

> Anyway, access to the skins will then need a signed NDA agreement, maybe 
> ssh access and some knowledge with svn.

See Paul's comment on this.



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