[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Mark mark at zopemag.com
Wed Aug 25 08:46:49 EDT 2004


On Aug 25, 2004, at 2:28 PM, Chris Withers wrote:

> Mark wrote:
>>> I actually did even before you mailed this and found a load of 
>>> "Plone nuggets" and no useful summary I'm afraid :-S
>> Sometimes its not about you but the 20,000 other people out there. 
>> Please feel free to submit something useful.
> Well indeed, which is why I'd expect more than JUST Plone in a weekly 
> summary of all that's happening in Zope...

I'm beginning to get the feeling I"m watching the FOX News Channel.

If you would have bothered clicking on the previous weeks news


you would have found TADA!  ------ Zope Nuggets!

Granted we don't get to those every week. We don't every week for 
example talk about new products either.
But what you are completely skipping over is that:

- It is being consistently published
- It is free
- 20,000 unique visitors check it out on a regular basis
- the tips *are summaries* mined from the mailinglists
- anybody can contribute / post

and if we are the only ones writing up stuff we can't do everything! So 
the next time you "expect" to see a Zope
Nugget or any other news bit published in the Weekly News take the time 
to write one.

My original questions have still not been answered (more likely 



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