[ZWeb] Re: Commercial Ads on Zope.org front page

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 08:59:26 EDT 2004

Brian Lloyd wrote:
> The CA is fairly old and can probably go. 

Ironically, the one article I'd liketo see stay ;-)

> The upcoming training
> announcements are actually pretty helpful to many people, and
> should stay and be kept up to date.

Okay, who wants to take responsibility for this though?
I quite like Mark's idea of an Event content type that can take care of 

>>>That applies to ZEA too, so take us off the list of links.  And get all
>>>the commercial stuff off the home page, if possible.
> So... all the hosting provides should go, all the solution providers
> should go, all the book listings... I don't think that would be a
> very popular policy.

None of these are on the front page ;-)

I'd really like to see a well structured Zope Solutions providers 
sections that covers consulting, training and hosting.

Reading-type-stuff such as articles, magazines, book should end up in 
the docs section.

I guess I'd really like to see that left-nav be less that one-monitor 


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