[ZWeb] [VOTE] "Zope Exits" policy

Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Wed Aug 25 10:17:30 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:

> The following policy for "Zope Exits" has been proposed:
> """
> Sites that are centered around supporting the Zope community, are not 
> centered on one particular vendor or framework and do not exist 
> primarily to charge for services or content relating to the site.
> """
> The following people appear to be in favour of this policy:
> michael at d2m.at
> jens at dataflake.org
> chris at simplistix.co.uk
> paul at zope-europe.org
> The following people appear to be against this policy:
> erik at mmmanager.org
> mark at zopemag.com
> andrew at zope.com
> ...which means it's currently a pretty close run thing. I'd like to know 
> whether other people are in favour of this or not by the end of next 
> week (Friday 3rd Septemer) and the nwe can have a think what to do.
> If anyone feels they've ended up in the wrong grouping above, please let 
> the list know.
> cheers,
> Chris
I didn't vote - you can remove me from either group - I simply expressed 
the fact I don't understand the aversion to promoting companies who are 
successfull just as we would some non-comercial project?  I think both 
are highly important to the continued success of Zope.  Done with care, 
it's a no brainer and not open for arguments or accusations - which 
often times you seem to wish to avoid Chris.  I agree we should think it 
though, but I would be a far cry from Paul's stance.

Anyhow, this is about Zope Exists - not about supporting the community 
both non-commercial and commercial.  So, as long as Zope Exits actually 
goes somewhere (beyond a proposed MailingList or the like) I'd be more 
for the proposed Policy.  Let me say, slamming every commercial entity 
into the ZSP section is not satisfactory in my opinion and I look 
forward to that discussion without hijacking the Zope Exit's thread  :)

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