[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Joel Burton joel at joelburton.com
Wed Aug 25 10:41:23 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:
>> But my point that ZopeMag is the only Zope Magazine remains valid.
> So what? Simplistix is the only official ReportLab partner for Zope 
> projects, I don't see how being unique justifies free advertising...

Pfff. ZopeMag is a useful resource for the entire community. It affirms 
to people considering Zope that there are good online resources, 
article-length documentation, etc.

Aside from this (somewhat pendantic) argument about what belongs in Zope 
Exits because of its commercial or non-commercial nature (a little hard 
to understand when most of the real estate on our "community" site is 
going to Zope Corporation), it's actually, I think, very beneficial to 
site browsers. And, that, I think, should be the more important yardstick.

As for why Plone is there, it's because we're a huge, well-known, 
highly-successful project built extending Zope (and hardly a "single 
product"--the Plonesphere comprises about 200 individual products at 
this point). I think it would be great to add Silva and Nuxeo to that, 
frankly, even if they are commercial ventures. Are we trying to make 
zope.org more useful to other people, or trying make sure that ZC is the 
only commercial company getting any play on the site?

- j.

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