[ZWeb] [VOTE] "Zope Exits" policy

Joel Burton joel at joelburton.com
Wed Aug 25 11:40:39 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
> Let me repeat this in the hope that it finally registers with you. 
> ZopeMag is not a company.  We are not asking for links
> to beehive, Py (a popular Python publication) or anything else we do.

ZopeMag is a resource for the entire community. And one of our best, too.

> I think there is disagreement here about what belongs in Zope Exits and 
> some of us don't believe that for example something being a commercial 
> or framework should be a reason to be deleted from the Zope Exits. It 
> should be based on merit by either being unique or a major 
> accomplishment for the Zope community.


> Removing Plone from Zope Exits seems insane to me -- this is one of the 
> greatest Zope successes to date. Probably more people have installed 
> Zope because of Plone than any other Zope based technology.

Absolutely. +1.

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