[ZWeb] RE: Creation and Last Modified dates?

Don Hopkins dhopkins at DonHopkins.com
Thu Aug 26 21:01:54 EDT 2004

>Didn't get that...

It was another bad vain/vein pun. You're supposed to take the lord's
name in vain, but some religious junkies take it in intravenously
instead (in vein). Thus religious tracts -vs- junkie's track marks. 

>I thought all content showed a modified date? Can you give me some
examples that don't?


The Zope HowTos seem to have last modified dates, but not creations

Hopefully this is something that can be easily fixed in a template. 

>Does anyone want to volunteer to do this?

I will be glad to help out with fixing up the documentation if you'll
trust me with the appropriate permissions. I'm sorry that I can't put a
lot of time into it, but I frequently read the Zope documentation and
will fix anything I catch. 

>> What I would cherish would be a good concentrated API reference,
>> by category, with an index at the top instead of a barrage of user
>> comments. 

>This comes under my comment of "The Zope Book is there, it just needs 
>editing" ;-)

The API reference looks pretty frightening to casual readers just
looking into Zope to find out if it's worth using. I strongly agree with
the first user comment at the top of the page: "This section needs a
Table of Contents too."

>> Especially a quick-reference to the core Zope classes, and one
>> for the commonly used core products, without all the goofy stuff
>> uses on a day-to-day basis. 

>*shrugs* a reference, by defenition, is complete...

Unfortunately the API reference that the front page links to is quite
off-putting and probably scares a lot of potential recruits away from

>> Source code should be primarily written for other people to read, and
>> only incidentally for the computer to interpret. (To paraphrase a
>> from the preface of Abelson & Sussman's Structure and Interpretation
>> Computer Programs.)

>Not sure how this relates to the documentation structure...

Well the "semantic web" freaks would tell you the converse:
Documentation should be primarily written for computers to interpret,
and only incidentally for people to read. 


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