[ZWeb] Sparse words news in ZopeOrg (2nd post)

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Fri Aug 27 02:39:38 EDT 2004

Ausum Studio wrote:
> This is the contents of one of the last news in ZopeOrg:
> """
> LiveZope-3.1 released
> LiveZope_CAS_LAM2P-3.1 released,
> Zope-2.7.2 with python-2.3.4, Plone-2.0.4,
> CMF-1.4.6. The more details see
> ftp://someurl
> """
> Is it possible to not to allow this sort of mini messages? I'm not sure
> they're looking for to inform our community as I suspect they just look for
> a link.
> Since news are written by contributors, and it's up to editors to accept
> them or not, I suggest editors not to accept news items that don't observe a
> set of minimal norms. IMHO, news at the very least should be a readable text
> on the recent stuff they're reporting, having in mind non-Zope users and
> also the own ZopeOrg's public image, and not just a mere link to another
> resource.

+1 (i published that News Items after loking up the members folder. He 
is from china and this seems to be his way to write. i will send him a 
mail though.)


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