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Mark mark at zopemag.com
Sat Aug 28 03:01:11 EDT 2004

Hello Don,

Wow. Thank's for doing that work!

Morten and I are busy with the mockups for the Docs section. Could we 
add you as the new maintainer for
the API Reference?



On Aug 28, 2004, at 5:24 AM, Don Hopkins wrote:

> I've gone through the Zope API reference and made an index of all the
> modules and classes, to stimulate discussion about how to improve the
> API reference. This is just a first cut to figure out what's there and
> how to approach indexing and categorizing it.
> Most modules in the API reference only contain one class of the same
> name, but a few modules have no classes or one or more differently 
> named
> classes. So maybe it would be better to have a class name index, but
> indexing modules without classes as if they were classes.
> I've categorized modules and classes, based on how they're used, and 
> how
> important I think they are to the Zope programmer. Classes or modules
> can be in more than one category: just one exclusive category, and any
> number of modifier categories.
> Here are the proposed categories so far:
> Exclusive categories (used to classify categories based on how they're
> used):
>     Core - A core class that many other classes inherit from.
>     Content - A content class that occurs in the Zope database.
>     Utility - A utility class called by other code, but not 
> instantiated
> as content in the Zope database.
> Modifier categories (used to modify classes based on how important they
> are):
>     Common - Commonly used, should be easy to find. (modifier category)
>     Obsolete - Rarely used, should not be emphasized. (modifier
> category)
> I've marked all the Core categories as Common since they're important 
> to
> know, as well as the Utility classes Request and Response, but the 
> other
> utilities are not common.
> I've marked the PropertySheet and PropertySheets classes as Obsolete,
> because I believe they have to do with ZClasses, which everyone in 
> their
> right mind knows well enough to avoid.
> This list doesn't look complete to me. I think there are probably a
> bunch more classes that should be documented in the API reference, but
> here are the ones that are currently documented.
> This list is just a straw man to stimulate discussion of how to
> reorganize the API reference, so please feel free to suggest changes.
> 	-Don
>     module AccessControl                        Utility
>         class SecurityManager                   Utility
>     module AuthenticatedUser                    Utility
>         class AuthenticatedUser                 Utility
>     module DTMLDocument                         Content
>         class DTMLDocument                      Content
>     module DTMLMethod                           Content
>         class DTMLMethod                        Content
>     module DateTime                             Utility
>         class DateTime                          Utility
>     module ExternalMethod                       Content
>         class ExternalMethod                    Content
>     module File                                 Content
>         class File                              Content
>     module Folder                               Content
>         class Folder                            Content
>     module Image                                Content
>         class Image                             Content
>     module MailHost                             Content
>         class MailHost                          Content
>     module ObjectManager                        Core Common
>         class ObjectManager                     Core Common
>     module ObjectManagerItem                    Core Common
>         class ObjectManagerItem                 Core Common
>     module PropertyManager                      Core Common
>         class PropertyManager                   Core Common
>     module PropertySheet                        Utility Obsolete
>         class PropertySheet                     Utility Obsolete
>     module PropertySheets                       Utility Obsolete
>         class PropertySheets                    Utility Obsolete
>     module PythonScript                         Content
>         class PythonScript                      Content
>     module Request                              Utility Common
>         class Request                           Utility Common
>     module Response                             Utility Common
>         class Response                          Utility Common
>     module Script                               Content
>         class Script                            Content
>     module SessionInterfaces                    Utility
>         class SessionDataManagerErr             Utility
>         class BrowserIdManagerInterface         Utility
>         class BrowserIdManagerErr               Utility
>         class SessionDataManagerInterface       Utility
>     module TransienceInterfaces                 Utility
>         class TransientObject                   Utility
>         class MaxTransientObjectsExceeded       Utility
>         class TransientObjectContainer          Utility
>     module UserFolder                           Content
>         class UserFolder                        Content
>     module Vocabulary                           Utility
>         class Vocabulary                        Utility
>     module ZCatalog                             Content
>         class ZCatalog                          Content
>     module ZSQLMethod                           Content
>         class ZSQLMethod                        Content
>     module ZTUtils                              Utility
>         class Batch                             Utility
>     module math                                 Utility
>     module random                               Utility
>     module sequence                             Utility
>     module standard                             Utility
>         class DTML                              Utility
>     module string                               Utility
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